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   11" Straight & Combination Hanging Baskets
Our 11" hanging baskets from straight to combinations are quality grown.  We select annuals that are successes in the garden and as gifts.  Grown in 11" baskets that are available in white, our straight baskets have the vigor and size that separates you from the box stores.  We strive to make our baskets incomparable and our customers have had great success with them for over forty years at their garden centers and in their backyards. 

Pot sizes: 11" HB

Available Baskets:

Lanai Blue / Helichrysum- 11" HB
Double Impatiens- 11" HB
Superbells Coralberry Punch- 11" HB
Netja Dark Pink- 4.5"
Barkos Red- 11" HB
Double Impatien Rose Star- 11" HB
11" Hanging Baskets
Hiemalis Begonias
New Guineas
Calliope Geraniums
Boliviensis Begonia
Ivy Geranium
Double Impatiens
Dragon Wing 

11" Combo Baskets
Bi-Color Calibrachoa
Geranium w/ Ivies
Calibrachoa w/ Bacopa
Verbena w/ Helichrysum
Impatien w/ Bacopa
Petunia w/ Calibrachoa
Multi Colored Petunia
Summer Wave Blue Torenia- 11" HB
Pink Parfait / White Callie- 11" HB
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