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   Hiemalis Begonias   begonia x hiemalis
The Hiemalis begonia, also known as Rieger begonia, is a cross between a tuberous and a wax begonia. This plant grows 12 to 18 inches tall and will get 10 to 12 inches wide. Hiemalis begonias are our most popular baskets and when you see them you will understand why. Excellent flowering with medium vigor, they make for a perfect gift for a mother or any gardener.
Pot sizes: 4.33", 10"Patio Pot, 11" HB

Available Colors:

Barkos Red - 10" Patio Pot
Batik Orange- 10" Patio Pot
Netja Dark Pink- 11" HB
Netja Dark Pink- 4.33"
Barkos Red- 11" HB
Hiemalis Begonia Bench- 10" Patio Pot
   Barkos-      Red
   Nadine-      Rich yellow
   Blitz-         Yellow
   Batik-        Orange
   Carneval-  Orange/yellow
   Julie-         Yellow/orange
Netja Dk. Pink-   Dark pink
Berseba-            Lilac pink
Peggy-               Rose/white
Janny Fringed-   Peach/rose
Berseba Red-     Red
Barkos Red- 10" HB
(P)  8 1 5 . 9 3 9 . 1 9 9 2
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