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   16" Coco Combinations HB & Flower Pouches
   Our 16" coco lined aqua saver baskets are our own unique combinations. We use a variety of annuals from caliabrachoas to mini-helichrysum.  They are grown from cuttings starting in February and produce a beautiful display of diverse flowers that are enjoyed by consumers for the entire season.  They also make a perfect mothers day gift.
   Our flower pouches product line range from impatiens to foliage ivy but also include a multitude of combinations from callie/bacopas to torenia/ portulaca.  They are full and our customers have had success with them for years.

Pot sizes: 16" HB, 10 Hole Pouches   

16" Coco Combination Basket
Flower Pouches Wall
16" Coco Combination Basket
16" Coco Combination Basket
Combination Flower Pouches

16" Coco Combination Basket
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