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  Fundraising is a necessity for many non-profits, clubs and schools.  A spring flower fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your group and Benoit Greenhouses can help you make it a success.  What better way to raise the money for your group needs than by providing beautiful spring flowers to your supporters!  And, it's a purchase they can enjoy all summer long.

  When you plan your flower fundraiser with Benoit Greenhouse, you get excellent discounts on spring annuals. We grow 100% of our own plants in an ideal greenhouse climate resulting in healthier flowering plants that your consumers will notice..  You will also be tapping into an already growing pastime - gardening.  Spring flower fundraisers are fun and profitable!  We have provided fundraising to garden clubs, historical clubs, hospitals, schools, and Relay for Life teams to name a few. Start planning your spring flower fundraiser today.

BenoitGreenhouses can help you create a fun and successful flower fundraiser! Give us a call at 1-815-939-1992 and ask for Christine Benoit or email christine@benoitgreenhouses.com. She will be happy to give you all the information you need to start your own fundraiser. 

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Enjoy beautiful plants all summer long.
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