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   Grasses, Foliage, Vines & Cordyline 
Wojo Vinca Vine Combo - Our Yard
English Ivy Combo - Our Yard
English Ivy Combo - Our Yard
English Ivy - 4.5"

Pot Size: 5"

Fiber Optic

Purple Fountain Grass

Carex Toffee Twist

Juncus Spiralis



Pot Size: 5 "

Dark Star

​  The greens and vines grown are the traditional annuals seen through the decades including spikes and english ivy. They are excellent accent plants or they can be a successful ground cover.  Grasses have made a dramatic impact in the last decade and offer an array of options for use.  The varying colors and heights add options not available before in the landscape.  We have selected favorites of gardeners and have had great success using them in combo pots and in the landscape.  The perennials we have chosen are proven successes and have been tested.  Customers continue to chose these favorites year to year.       

Greens & Vines

Pot Size: 4.5"

English Ivy

Glacier Ivy

Wojo Vinca Vine

Vinca Vine

Green Vinca Vine



Wojo Vinca Vine Combo - Our Yard
Wojo Vinca Vine- 4.5"
Toffee Twist Grass - 5"
(P)  8 1 5 . 9 3 9 . 1 9 9 2
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